The Elixir of Love

Directed by Cindy Sadler

Music Direction by Joseph Mechavich

Chorus Master: Kristin Roach

Collaborative Pianist: Allan Armstrong




In Adina's Diner, waitress Giannetta rushes to manage the breakfast business. Adina helps, but is distracted by the book she is reading. At the prodding of her customers, she reads aloud the story of Tristan and Isolde and the magical elixir of love that brought them together. At the edge of the crowd, as always, is shy Nemorino, a gas station attendant, who is deeply in love with Adina but is intimidated by her position and education. Sergeant Belcore, the new Army recruiter, has also taken a shine to Adina and proposes to her, much to Nemorino's dismay; but Adina is not so easily conquered. When Belcore leaves to take the bottle of wine she has given him to his men, Nemorino begs a word with her. He confesses his feelings for her, but Adina rejects him, too. She considers herself too capricious for love.


In the street outside there is great excitement; a traveling medicine show has arrived, starring Dr. Dulcamara, who is selling a miraculous elixir which will cure anything. Nemorino begs for an elixir of love, offering all his scant savings. Dulcamara sells him such a potion with the admonition that it will take 24 hours to take effect (which will give the doctor time to blow town before it is discovered that the potion is actually a bottle of Bordeaux). Nemorino, smugly anticipating his coming success, neglects to give Adina his usual attention. He ignores her, and in her frustration, she capriciously agrees to marry Sergeant Belcore the following week. Just then, an order arrives for Belcore; he must deploy the next day. He urges Adina to marry him immediately. Adina, noticing Nemorino’s distress, agrees, despite his desperate pleading.



An impromptu dinner celebrating Adina's and Belcore's impending nuptials is underway in the diner, with Dulcamara as a guest of honor. Adina is annoyed that Nemorino is not in attendance and delays signing the marriage contract. When all at last leave to witness the signing of the marriage contract, Nemorino begs the doctor for help. The only solution is another bottle of elixir; but Dulcamara will not give it to him until he produces more money. Belcore happens in on Nemorino in deep despair and upon discovering that money is the cause, convinces him to join the army for its generous signing bonus.


Meanwhile, Giannetta has just discovered that Nemorino's uncle has passed away, leaving Nemorino a very wealthy man. She spreads the news to the ladies of the town. When Nemorino returns, ignorant of his good fortune and reeling from the effects of a second bottle of wine, the women fawn over him and he is convinced that the elixir is doing its job.


Adina now sees Nemorino being courted by all the women in town and is startled and upset. She begins to realize her mistake; but she also knows that Belcore tricked Nemorino and wants to make it right. Nemorino, egged on by Giannetta and basking in the attention of all the women in town, at first enjoys her discomfort and the fact that she now is the jealous one. Dulcamara claims the credit and tries to sell Adina some elixir of her own, but she rejects it and departs, saying that she will win Nemorino back with her sincere repentence and love. Nemorino sees a tear in her eye and realizes that she does truly love him. When she returns, she has purchased his enlistment papers back so that he can be free and will not have to leave the little town he loves. Nemorino declares that if she does not love him, he will die a soldier; and eventually, Adina confesses her love.


Belcore returns with Dulcamara and the other townfolk and is gracious in defeat. Dulcamara claims victory and sells as many bottles of his now famous elixir of love on his way out of town, celebrated by the happy lovers and the people of the town.







Adina --- Lee Scarborough Chappell

Nemorino --- Evan Brown

Belcore --- Mark Hockenberry

Dr. Dulcamara --- Jordan Van de Vere

Giannetta --- Alexandrea Nessi



Sopranos: Anna Balan, Tara Crincoli, Micah Esau, Charissa Memrick, Emily Schrader, Meng-Jung Tsai, Hannah Young, Luz Zamora

Altos: Lacey Cornell, Blayke Drury, Jaimie Lowe, Courtney Nagel

Tenors: Trinidad Agosto, Zachary Newman, Pedro Valdez

Basses: Andrew Daunais, Kyle Lopez, Paul Nix, Wei-shu Tsai

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