Prince Orlofsky's Ball: A Fledermaus Pastiche

Directed by:

Bruce Cain, Sam Mungo, and Cindy Sadler

Musical direction: Kristin Roach

Collaborative pianist: Kristin Roach

Original libretto: Cindy Sadler




It is New Year's Eve in Vienna, in the lavish villa of the eccentric Russian, Prince Orlovsky, and the guests celebrate (What a joy to be here!). Dr. Falke is laying a complicated trap for his erstwhile friend, Gabriel von Eisenstein, as revenge for an embarrassing practical joke. The temperamental Eisenstein is supposed to be turning himself in to jail for having struck a police officer, and indeed has told his wife Rosalinde that that is where he is going. But Falke has convinced him to enjoy a last hurrah at Prince Orlovsky's Ball.


As Falke explains his plans to the eternally bored Orlovsky, the guests arrive --- a collection of the best (and worst) people in Vienna. Falke, with the help of Candide, whose misadventures have led him to Vienna, introduces each of them. Cunegonde entertains some visitors with her tale of woe (Glitter and Be Gay); as Candide returns from getting champagne for Violetta Valery and Magda de Civry, he recognizes her and the lovers are joyfully reunited (You Were Dead, You Know).


Adele arrives and is noticed by Orlovsky. Believing she has been invited by her friend Norina, she has told her mistress she's visiting a sick relative and "borrowed" a dress to wear. Falke explains that she is Eisenstein's wife's chambermaid, and part of his plot. Adele is greeted by Norina, a widow who wishes to marry Ernesto but is being foiled by his miserly uncle, who she is now attempting to trick. Falke introduces the ladies to the Prince, who gives them his wallet and sends them off to play roulette. Eisenstein, disguised as a French Marquis, makes his grand entrance, showing off his pocket watch --- as a brand new invention, it is a novelty, and he uses it to help him seduce the ladies. Orlovsky greets him and acquaints him with the rules of his house (Chacun a son gout).


As Adele returns from the roulette table, she is recognized by Eisenstein, who is shocked to see his maid --- no less wearing his wife's dress! --- and begins to make a scene. The quick-witted Adele turns the tables on him, as he is also in disguise and supposed to be elsewhere (My dear Marquis). They agree to a truce of one night.


Now Frank, the governor of the jail to which Eisenstein should have already reported, arrives, also pretending to be a French Chevalier. Falke takes great delight in introducing the men to each other, and they quickly become fast friends. Dinner is announced, and the party goes in ...


... except for the tenors, who have many tenorly things to discuss, chiefly their various girl problems (Agony!). Hearing footsteps, they disperse. Enter the Stanley girls, led by Kate and Edith (Let us gaily tread the measure). They have heard rumors of a water garden filled with naughty statuary, and as they contemplate a dip, Frederick interrupts them (Stop, ladies, pray!). Lately apprenticed to a pirate band and seeking redemption, he begs somewhat ineffectively for one of their hands in marriage (O is there not one maiden breast). Mabel is the only one who will give him the time of day (Poor wand'ring one).


As the Stanleys and Frederick depart in search of the water garden, Violetta rushes in from the dinner party, coughing . She is pursued by Rodolfo Alfredo, who declares his love for her (Un di, felice, eterea ...). She promises to meet him the next day. After he departs, she wonders if he could be the one for her (E strano...), but concludes that ultimately, she must have her freedom (Sempre libera).



Dinner has concluded, and Orlovsky is once again bored. He demands Falke reveal the great surprise he has promised, and on cue, a mysterious Hungarian countess appears: Rosalinde, Eisenstein's wife, in disguise (Czardas). Eisenstein is smitten, and attempts to seduce her with his pocket watch. Rosalinde manages to capture the watch, and he pursues her out of the room in an attempt to get it back.


Magda de Civry, accompanied by her friends Yvette, Bianca, Suzy, Ernesto, and her admirer the poet Prunier, return from the water gardens. Prunier attempts to charm the ladie with a poem he is composing, but doesn't know how to finish it. Magda takes over. (Ch'il bel sogno). When they leave in search of champagne, a disgusted  Ernesto mourns his beautiful Norina, who his uncle will not allow him to marry (Com'e gentil). Suddenly, she appears, and the lovers declare their feelings for one another (Tornami a dir).


The lovers go in search of more privacy. Marcello escorts Mimi in from the water garden, where the dampness has aggravated her cough. She is upset at Rodolfo Alfredo's behavior and when he arrives, hides. Rodolfo confesses to Marcello believes she is dying (Marcello, finalmente). Marcello, distracted by the sound of Musetta flirting, rushes off to see what she's up to. Mimi and Rodolfo express their love but realize it's not working out; reluctant to break up, they agree that they will part ways in the spring, when life is easier (Donde lieta uscire ...). Marcello and Musetta storm back in, fighting as usual. While one pair of lovers reunites, however temporarily, the other breaks up.


The Prince and all his guests return from the water garden; Orlovsky is still bored. Falke starts to entertain him with the story of The Bat, only to be interrupted by Eisenstein, who insists the story is his to tell. Aided by Orlovsky, Falke enacts the next part of his plan: getting both Eisenstein and Frank completely inebriated (Champagne Song) before sending them off to be reunited, and their disguises unveiled, at the jail. At this late hour, drunk on champagne and revelry, all the guests join Falke in a sentimental paean to love and friendship (Sing to Love) before resuming their never-ending party.




Eisenstein ---   Wei-Shu Tsai

Rosalinde  ---   Lauren Slagowski

Adele ---    Tee Crincoli

Orlovsky  ---   Lacey Cornell

Falke ---   Jordan Van der Vere

Frank  ---    Mark Hockenberry

Norina (Sally)  ---    Micah Esau

Magda de Civry --- Elizabeth Herlitz Cortes

Violetta ---     Meng-Jung Tsai

Rodolfo A. Prunier, a tenor with a thing for consumptive sopranos ---   Evan Brown

Candide Gastone  ---   Zachary Newman

Mimi   ---   Lauren Slagowski

Musetta ---    Alexandrea Nessi

Marcello  ---  Andrew Daunais

Mabel ---   Emily Schrader

Frederick ---    Pedro Valdez

Kate ---   Luz Zamora

Edith ---    Courtney Nagel

The Stanley Sisters:

Kate Stanley - Luz Zamora

Edith Suzy Stanley - Courtney Nagel

Yvette Stanley - Hannah Young

Bianca Stanley - Anna Balan

Alexandrea Stanley - Alexandrea Nessi

Meg Stanley - Meg Tsai

Jaimie Stanley - Jaimie Lowe

Cunegonde ---   Charissa Memrick

Ernesto --- Trinidad Agosto



Sopranos: Anna Balan, Lee Scarborough Chappell, Tee Crincoli, Micah Esau, Charissa Memrick, Alexandrea Nessi, Emily Schrader, Meng-Jung Tsai, Hannah Young, Luz Zamora

Altos: Jaimie Lowe, Courtney Nagel

Tenors: Trinidad Agosto, Evan Brown, Zachary Newman, Pedro Valdez

Basses: Andrew Daunais, Kyle Lopez, Paul Nix

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